Reputation Management


Reputation Management with Brand

The signs or emblems used to distinguish the services offered by your institution from others are called trademarks.

Reputation is a very important concept for both individuals and brands. In particular, it has a great impact on brand loyalty and the reason why it is preferred by the customer. While there are almost competitive conflicts today, even a small mistake can destroy the perception of a safe brand that has been gained with successful reputation management for many years. It may be necessary to get consultancy services from the experts of this business in order to manage the crisis processes well and to protect the brand reputation.

Brand reputation is an issue that directly affects the target audience. If you cannot build trust in your brand, you will almost melt away from the smear campaigns of your malicious competitors. For this reason, it is an important issue that brands should focus on.

What is Reputation Management? How is it done?

Trust in your brand, positive and negative thoughts and loyalty to your brand mean corporate reputation management.

If you want positive thoughts to come to mind when your brand's name is mentioned, the reputation management process should be built on solid foundations and support from experts in this field. Reputation management is a process and not a one-off issue. Institutions should be built in order to be prepared for every situation, not during crisis periods.

In reputation management, it should be thoroughly examined in the first place for which institution or person will work. Today, the first stage of this is online environments and social media. Today, all positive and negative processes are carried out through digital and social media channels. Digital channels are both advantages and disadvantages for brands. The processes to be created here will not be a definitive solution, and it may create satisfaction above expectations. There are some important issues in managing the process. These;

Reputation Management
Know your strengths and weaknesses
Crisis team should be established and always ready
Raise awareness
Giving importance to online reputation management processes
Using social media actively

Online Reputation Management

In our age, both social media and other digital channels appear as an area that almost everyone can use unsupervised.

In this context, these platforms can be both a threat and an opportunity for brands or individuals. Persons; expressing their thoughts about a brand, service or person as they wish; may also resort to a negative and malicious smear campaign. This negatively affects the reputation of brands. You can use a positive comment about your brand online in your reputation management campaigns and contribute to this process.

The biggest mistake to be made in digital environments is being unresponsive and ignoring. In this process, you can get support from the Adgrey team and hand over the online reputation management to a secure team. So what methods should be used in this process? Here are the step-by-step online reputation management processes;

  • Reputation management process should be supported with SEO and SEM.
  • Optimize the content on your website.
  • Use social media actively and communicate with the target audience.
  • Consult digital PR methods.