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We are Young and Experienced!
As the Adgrey team, which has years of experience in the industry, we use the dynamics of the digital world and reveal your performance.

We are Innovative and Visionary!
We follow the developing and renewing trends every day and we establish our strategies focused on the future goals of your brand.

We are Professional and Disciplined!
We analyze all your digital needs for your brand and implement the necessary solutions on time.

We are Performance Focused!
We are ready for a successful journey with every brand that stays up-to-date, can follow innovations, and wants to grow by responding to changing or developing needs.

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With Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we increase the number of visitors by improving your website and enabling you to rank higher in searches. With SEO service, we ensure that you are permanent in organic search results.
Advertising Management

Advertising Management

With Google ADS and Social Media Ads, you can reach a wide audience at low cost. Thanks to our expert team, we announce your products, services and campaigns to the right target audience in accordance with your marketing strategies.
Content Marketing

Content Marketing

With Content Marketing, you can both be noticed by search engines and manage your target audience correctly. We bring prestige and success to your brand with content that informs and benefits the user.
Reputation Management

Reputation Management

With Reputation Management, you can gain reputation for your brand by publishing your content in the right digital channels. Thanks to the accurate analyzes made by our expert team, we determine the needs of your brand and provide reputation management.
Our Brands
Our Brands
Bin Bin
Kütahya Porselen

As Adgrey, we offer complete services required for the success of brands with our experienced team, which has gained experience in the sector. In this way, we play a role in the happy success stories of strong brands and work for them to reach their future goals.

We are ready to start a brand new journey with you.

Başarı Hikayeleri
Cigit Success Story

Smart shopping transition on the Google Ads side - the use of smart bid strategies and the Facebook catalog campaign, together with quality creatives and "flash sale" focused conversion campaigns in 3 months;

On the Google Ads side, we achieved a 914% increase in the number of conversions and a 740% increase in the conversion value.

On the Facebook side, we achieved an increase of 1.425% in shopping on the website and an increase of 1.332% in shopping conversion value.


With the optimization we made in shopping campaigns at Slazenger, we achieved an average of 85% increase in conversion values in a month.

As Adgrey, our account performance in our Slazenger brand has increased consistently, and we have achieved a 91% increase in the conversion rate, a 70% increase in the number of conversions and an 82% increase in the conversion value, despite spending the same as the previous month in the last month.

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