SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The digital world, which is developing and growing every day, brings with it many different habits. Nowadays, almost all transactions are made via the Internet, while the shopping orientation is also moving towards the online system.

Companies that want to maintain their place and their permanence in the sector perform the work required by the digital world with a wide range of studies. In order to achieve the desired successful results in the digital age we are in, it is necessary to go one step beyond the competitors. This is also possible only with SEO. At this point, questions such as what is SEO and how to do it come to mind.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

In other words, it is the general name given to be at the top websites in search engine results organically by increasing the value of websites without paying any fee to Google.

In order to this, we need to optimize websites according to the criteria of search engines. Planned and detailed SEO analysis studies are carried out in SEO optimization processes.


What is SEO?

If it is necessary to describe SEO better, we can say that all the improvement criteria studies conducted for search engines.

SEO aims to show relevant, accurate and understandable results depending on the organic searches that users do on the internet to search for information and products. As many of the sites that have gained authority by search engines over time are visited on the first page, they also become important by gaining a place in the sector.

SEO expressed as Search Engine Optimization allows companies to reach their target audience in a much shorter time. In order to achieve the desired efficiency in the digital world, which is known as a highly competitive environment, a digital battle must be fought. This battle is also possible only with the help of SEO work.

In order for internet users who conduct research through a search engine to access the company's website first of all, it is necessary to be in the first place in the search results. This happens thanks to SEO optimization activities that are carried out regularly and continuously. If you want to be one step ahead of your competitors in the digital environment, you can take advantage of the professional SEO service that will ensure that you are ranked in top of the search results and help you be accessible. The team that will support you by taking part in this process should be expert and experienced in their field.

Is SEO Important?

SEO is very important if you want to be on the top rank when Internet users search for information, products or your company in search engines, to be in a competitive sector and to be one step ahead of your competitors.

In order for SEO work to be done professionally, it is necessary to pay attention to three main elements. These;

  • Analysis,
  • Planning,
  • Service.

Adgrey, which offers effective solutions to many brands in SEO, ensures that websites are at the forefront of search results and that site pages are visited by internet users.


SEO Criteria

A wide variety of work needs to be done to increase the value of a website. The desired successful results can be easily achieved by receiving SEO consulting services. You can also get the efficiency you want in digital marketing by getting SEO services on an institutional basis. The studies that can be done at this point can be listed as follows:

Technical SEO

Technical SEO work begins with the purpose of top ranking in the search results of the website and a roadmap is created based on the shortcomings of the site.

The technical operations performed at the stage after the roadmap actually prepare the ground for other SEO work that will be done for the website. During technical SEO, keywords & long tail keywords are analyzed on the one hand.

On-Site Navigation

In order for internet users who visit your website not to leave immediately and to navigate to other pages, the necessary work must be done. Specially designed tools are available for this. The user experience is well understood by paying attention to issues such as which pages users spend time on, at what stage they leave the site, where they click. In this way, the missing points are completed by focusing on the improvement work that needs to be done on the website.

Content SEO

According to search engine criteria, the quality of the content is also of great importance. For this reason, the content you publish on your page should be comprehensive and accurate. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that it is original and unique. Attention should also be paid to the use of keywords in the process of creating content, and the content should answer all the questions of users.


Backlink means that other websites recommend your site. It is quite effective in increasing the number of visitors. Such backlinks, which are among the most important SEO, allow internet users to gain sympathy for your website. Your page, recommended by websites with a high reputation in the digital field, will be visited by many more users in a short time.

What Are We Doing in SEO?

Since the priorities or needs that our brands want vary, we get information before starting the SEO analysis process. We are preparing to project the SEO analysis process in accordance with the information received by the brand and the answers we want to receive.

Our SEO team manages the process together in all brands where we provide corporate SEO consultancy services.

Adgrey and its team are aware that SEO requires teamwork from start to finish.

We offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professional support to ensure that your website is accessible to internet users.

With SEO studies, users come across your website that ranks first in the results when they search for a product or service they want. This, in turn, helps your website to host more visitors and achieve higher profits. When you receive SEO consulting in a professional sense, the user experience of the target audience is kept in the foreground and the studies are carried out within the scope of the data obtained in this field.

Search engines have their own specific criteria, and the website must be organized accordingly. These criteria change and are updated at intervals. For this reason, professional SEO work should be continuous.

SEO Analysis Report

Seo Kutuları 705312802 Marketing Research
Seo Kutuları 1063424637 Basic SEO Analysis
Seo Kutuları 1454031321 Scaling SEO Analysis
Seo Kutuları 713666943 Cost & Bidding

Detailed SEO Analysis Process

Seo Kutuları 483157869 Competitor Analysis
Seo Kutuları 759502546 User Experience (UX)
Seo Kutuları 796758145 Technical SEO Study
Seo Kutuları 234649914 Content Analysis & Strategy Plan
Seo Kutuları 1815748127 Reporting

UX (User Experience)

Not giving the necessary attention to the User Experience is one of the most important mistakes made by site owners or our SEO expert colleagues. One of the most important things that Google pays attention to is the ‘User Experience', just as turning to the just SEO field is not the right strategy.

What is the UX (User Experience)?

It is called the process of purchasing a product, including design, usability, functionality, and adding its integrity, analyzing users well and providing meaningful and relevant experiences to better understand their needs.

UX User Experience: SEO Success

The success of SEO and UX can be considered as follows: SEO targets search engines, UX targets the visitors of your website. Since the purpose of both is to provide the best experience to users, they serves a common purpose in this regard. UX, the SEO process, is a building block that Adgrey also cares about. If you want to your company, brand and name to the top of the search engines, you can contact us.

Adgrey => SEO + UX = <3