Slazenger SEO Success Story

Slazenger SEO Success Story

Slazenger SEO Success Story
Slazenger SEO Success Story

In addition to the technical, content, backlink and user experience-oriented (UX) focused SEO developments we have made in Slazenger, with brand-specific strategic SEO studies,

419% performance increase in click rate,
We achieved an 87% increase in e-commerce conversion rate.
706% performance increase in impression rate,
What did we do?
  • Since we started working, we have completed the technical SEO deficiencies on our site for our brand.


  • The migration process was managed in a controlled manner. URLs were directed to be integrated into the new infrastructure with the right planning. Position follow-ups were made continuously and deficiencies were completed. In order to overcome the changing category structure with the least traffic loss, we advanced our referrals in a fast and planned manner.


  • We determined our target words by working on specific keywords for each category. We have advanced our working process in this direction.


  • By activating the blog section, we gained more performance by creating SEO-compatible content. We further increased our performance by reducing the bounce rate with user experience-oriented improvements.


  • We achieved success by improving our domain value with quality backlink constructions. All malicious links to the site were detected and blocked. Categories and product pages were revised according to current algorithms.