Success Stories

Vesna Design Success ADS Story
Profitability-oriented campaign setups were made in the Google Ads advertising channel. Our numbers have improved tremendously after our optimizations, data-driven model and shift to smart bidding strategies.
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Slazenger SEO Success Story
In addition to the technical, content, backlink and user experience-oriented (UX) focused SEO developments we have made in Slazenger, with brand-specific strategic SEO studies,
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Cigit Success Story
On the Google Ads side, we achieved a 914% increase in the number of conversions and a 740% increase in the conversion value. On the Facebook side, we achieved an increase of 1.425% in shopping on the website and an increase of 1.332% in shopping conversion value.
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Çabuk Mama Success Story
Despite spending the same cost as in the previous period, our conversion unit cost decreased by 15%, conversion rate increased by 35%, and return on ad spend (ROAS) increased by 45%.
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With the optimization we made in shopping campaigns at Slazenger, we achieved an average of 85% increase in conversion values in a month.
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